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We are dedicated to keeping the community informed and our goal is to maintain open communication with you throughout the planning process. So far, we have engaged with the community in the following ways:

Engagement to Date:

Online Engagement

Introduction Video, April 30 - June 8

In our first video, Peter Edgar, president of EDGAR and Mark Ostry of Acton Ostry Architects introduce and provide an overview of the Woodland Park proposal.


We asked the community "What do you want to learn more about in upcoming videos?" and provided the following options: affordable housing, retail and commercial opportunities, community facilities, alternative transportation, environment and sustainability features, and parks and open space. 

Thanks to everyone that participated! Environment and sustainability features, affordable housing and alternative transportation tied for the top 3 choices. 

Watch the video here:

Woodland Park & the Environment, June 17 - August 31

For our second video, our project biologist, Chris Macmillan discusses the environmental characteristics of the site and how it shapes the proposal. 

Thank you to everyone that participated in the contest to guess how many acres of environmentally sensitive area are being protected and/or enhanced. The answer is 5.2 acres. 

Watch the video here:

Information Sessions

Public Information Session, December 11, 2019

(click the link to view the display material presented at the Public Information Session)​

Resident Information Session, December 11, 2019

Residents were invited to attend earlier for a residents-only portion of the evening. 


Public Information Session, July 11, 2019

(click the link to view the display material presented at the Public Information Session)

Resident Information Session, May 2, 2019

Material presented was for residents-only, however the information shared was similar to the information presented at the July 11, 2019 information session, linked above.

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