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EDGAR is working in partnership with BC Housing, an entity that is part of the Provincial Government as a Crown Corporation, to revitalize and retain affordable housing stock at Woodland Park, while enhancing the local community and embracing the vibrancy of Port Moody. We believe that through a strong partnership with an affordable housing expert we can collectively deliver, maintain, and operate new, upgraded, and quality affordable housing units on this property. Established in 2009, EDGAR has experience in all asset classes including retail, purpose-built rental, mixed use, industrial, office, and seniors’ housing developments.


BC Housing works in partnership with private and non-profit sectors, provincial health authorities and ministries, other levels of government and community groups to develop a range of housing options. BC Housing develops, manages and administers a wide range of subsidized housing options across the province. BC Housing works to address critical gaps across the housing continuum, which range from emergency shelter and rent assistance in the private market to affordable home ownership. We work with about 800 housing providers and help more than 104,000 households in 200 communities across British Columbia.

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