Woodland Park

EDGAR and BC Housing are proposing to redevelop Woodland Park, over the next 15 - 20 years, into a master planned, well-served community with an innovative mix of housing, significant parks and open space, child care and neighbourhood retail. EDGAR and BC Housing have applied to the City of Port Moody for an Official Community Plan amendment and rezoning, to allow for additional uses, height and density. 

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Site Context.png

Woodland Park is a 23.4 acre site, with 20 existing buildings and 10 surface parking lots which were built in the 1960s. There are currently 200 market rental units. The site is steeply sloped, from Cecile Drive to Clarke Road, with a vertical drop of approximately100 feet. The site also contains a significant amount of environmentally sensitive areas (ESAs) (22% of the total site area).

neighbourhood context

Neighbourhood Context.png

Woodland Park is situated among some of Port Moody’s greatest green space, close to schools, recreation facilities, and a twenty-minute walk to neighbourhood shops and services.


The Proposal

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Project highlights

  • 25% of the site’s housing will be rental housing (457 homes)

  • 325 will be non-market affordable rental homes (provided in first phase)

  • 132 will be market rental homes (provided in third phase)

  • 1,404 strata homes

parks & open Space
  • 70% of the entire site will be open space

  • 15% of the site will be parks space (two new active parks and multi-use trail)

  • 22% of the site maintained as environmentally sensitive area

  • Remaining area includes open green space between the buildings

Community Amenities
  • 11,800 square foot child care, with 93 spaces provided

  • 19,000 square foot retail component to accommodate a grocery store and café

  • A public art budget of $2.8 million* will provide public art throughout the site, strengthening Port Moody’s character as the “City of the Arts”

*Current estimate subject to change based on final project proposal, decisions and budget.



Public Engagement



Consideration of the policy and zoning changes

(Early 2021)*

BC Housing

RFP Process

(Early- Mid 2021)*

Apply for Development and Building Permits 

(Mid-Late 2021)*



Estimate 2036*

Public Info Session #3

(Sept 2020)

Public Hearing

3rd Reading

(Mid 2021)*

Final Approval of the Bylaw

(Spring 2021)*

Construction on 

Phase 1 begins


*Dates to be confirmed and are subject to change