Public engagement is a key part of the planning process, which will help our team understand community values, concerns and aspirations for the future of the site. This community input will be considered along with existing property conditions and constraints, developer aspirations and applicable planning policies to inform the development for the site.

We are dedicated to keeping the community informed and our goal is to maintain open communication with you throughout the planning process. So far, we have engaged with the community in the following ways:

Engagement to Date:

Public Information Session, December 11, 2019

(click PDF icon to view the display material presented at the Public Information Session)


Public Information Session, July 11, 2019

(click PDF icon to view the display material presented at the Public Information Session)

Resident Information Session, May 2, 2019

At each of these information sessions, community members were invited to provide feedback and questions in a number of ways, including:

Interactive Boards

Comment Forms

Conversations with Project Team Members